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“Trinidad is a special place for us because when we were leaving the Ministry of Tourism asked us to attend its steel band competition which happens once a year all over the island.

So we got to see how that was done and how well those drums are meant to be played as opposed to how we played them,” chuckles Fitz Gerald.

That proved to be a great learning curve for us because as with many superstitions or legends there is always a spark that creates some smoke.

It’s a matter of then getting to the bottom of that to see what is actually going on, and I have to say that we saw for ourselves that there was something weird going on up in Lopinot.

There’s something else going on here.’ “I’d seen that shadow move towards the other building, and then there was the recording of the voice inside that building as well.

Joe and Scott also saw something unusual leading down to the same place where I’d seen that shadow. Again, I tend to follow my instincts quite a bit and they were telling me not everything was as it seemed and to tread lightly.

We searched that building from top to bottom looking for all these different types of activity, but we actually found it in another part of the plant that we were least expecting to find it in.

I’m not quite sure what was going on and I have to say that my gut instinct was telling me, ‘This isn’t right.

“Lopinot was a fantastic trip as well,” he continues.“And it wasn’t just me who saw the shadow; Paul Bradford [tech manager] and Susan Slaughter [GHI case manager/investigator-in-training] also saw it.Paul assumed it was Susan moving around and never thought anything more about it, until she stood up behind him.Since 2008, Ghost Hunters International has traveled the globe, its team members using their knowledge of the paranormal and technical know-how to try to substantiate -- or debunk -- claims of ghostly sightings.Last month, the GHI team, led by Barry Fitz Gerald and co-lead Investigator Kris Williams, returned to Syfy for a third year of investigations.

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  1. The video below presents evidence of pockets of archaic humans surviving in West Africa until at least 13,000 years ago. Along the way, some of them interbred with archaic humans, including both Neandertals and Denisovans.